(VIDEO)I wish Koffi didn’t pick me because he acts like a kid who watches cartoons and we have been fighting after the show- Bella of Date Rush

Date rush is one of the most popular shows on Tv at the moment. Every Sunday almost every Ghanaian is glued to their Television set watching the show.

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Bella who was on the season five of the show is known for interrogating the men even when she doesn’t like them.

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On Sunday, she finally got a date after weeks of disappointment. Koffi, a student and a musician selected Bella and she was ecstatic as she jumped on the stage to hug the young man. according to Bella, Giovanni had been teasing her on the show calling her the grandma of the show and that necessitated her delight.

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After the show, things with Koffi has been worse because the guy has been stressing her and they have never met after the show. According to her, they have been fighting ever since he picked her and they even blocked each other on social media.

”Sometimes i go out with some of the guys on the show and when he sees that he acts like a kid who is fun of watching cartoons”, Bella said.

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She later added how she has been accused of snatching Cupid from his girlfriend. ”Cupid and i are just friends, we shoot movies together and although we kissed in the movie, we haven’t been intimated yet in real life

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