Video of Adu Safowaah behind Police cells pops up after she was arrested by the Police

The supposed daughter of Dr Kwaku Oteng, Adu Safowaah has actually been jailed by Afia Schwarzenegger after she insulted her and made false accusations.

It was reported that Adu Safowaah had allegedly been arrested by Police for insulting Afia Schwarzenegger and claiming she has HIV.

Well, the sad aspect is that a video has popped up on social media showing Adu Safowaah behind bars.

In a video, Adu Safowaah is seen in police cells as controversial Afia Schwarzenegger can be heard saying “Can we do HIV test and see whether between the two of us, who has HIV..?”

Adu Safowaah is also seen in night wear as she runs to hide herself from the camera

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