She’s A Nurse Abroad – Patapaa Speaks For The First Time After Divorce Rumors


For the past few days, the popular “One Corner” hitmaker, Justice Amoah, who is widely known as Patapaa, has been hit with a false rumor that has spread over the internet like wildfire. Some netizens have alleged that the musician and his beautiful white wife, Liha Miller, are facing a divorce.

This allegation has sparked a lot of conversations on social media in the past few days. The Ghanaian musician, Patapaa, did not react to the fast-spreading false news on social media until recently he shared his opinion with the media.


Patapaa debunked first of all debunked the false rumors about himself and his wife and gave a very understandable reason for the whole situation. According to him, his beautiful white wife has traveled back to Europe where she works.

Liha Miller is a proud nurse in Europe, and however not permanently based in Ghana. Patapaa revealed to all for the first time that his wife was a nurse and that she has gone back to work to make more money.

Throwing more light on why she had to leave Ghana, Patapaa revealed that his wife, Liha Miller, must report back to work after a short break. Patapaa disclosed that Liha has been away since they got married last year.


Meanwhile, some netizens have expressed their disinterest in the kind of relationship Patapaa has got himself into. Some of these netizens recommended a relationship where husband and wife stay together to live happily. For them, a distance relationship is bad and always has some sort of issues.

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Patapaa however, expressed his high loyalty toward his wife who has been away for months. The musician said God has blessed him with a very intelligent, brilliant, and hardworking partner. He labeled Liha as an amazing wife.

Patapaa and Liha seem to understand each other very well and therefore have no problem with their current distance relationship.

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