Remembering The Backing Vocalists Behind All Of Daddy Lumba’s Hits

Remembering The Backing Vocalists Behind All Of Daddy Lumba’s Hits. We keep jamming to our favorite Daddy Lumba song asking a lot of questions about the sweet melodic voices backing him. sometimes we assume that’s Daddy himself because there’s no trace of these backing vocalists in the records thus making it impossible to know a ding about them even though they are there.

Ateaa Tina looks to be very much familiar among the DL fan base but what about the others? From all indications, we can all agree there are different backing vocalists and we don’t even know a ding about them but the issue is underway to be settled as we are here to take a look at 4 of the backing vocalists behind Daddy Lumba’s top hits.

Abigail Appenteng

Abigail Appenteng is a young and talented vocalist who is gradually carving her niche as one of the best contemporary Ghanaian gospel artistes. Abigail has always had a passion for performing and stealing the spotlight since childhood. She started singing and dancing at a young age and learnt how to do the Adowa dance when she joined a cultural group in primary school. She later joined the children’s choir at her church, Full Gospel Evangelistic Ministry where she gained the foundations that honed her voice as a singer.

She was a member of the African band, ENIJE ( She toured with the Gospel Pearls in Germany, France and Denmark. She was also a soloist in a group called LIESE and another group named Bukki and Back 2 the Roots, which performed at weddings, birthdays, opening ceremonies and other big events. In 2005 she did a collaborative project with Daddy Lumba. They worked on a gospel album, ‘Osoro Enkye Me Ne’ which was written, produced and marketed by Lumba, with vocals by Abigail.

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Yvonne Ohene Djan (SHE LOVE)

Yvonne is currently pursuing a career as a full-time musician after backing over 100 songs of which all became a massive hit. She’s one of the finest backing vocalists the country has ever seen if not the best. a touch of her angelic voice is present in almost every classic highlife song. her most popular projects with Daddy Lumba include;
a. Nana Addo Campaign Song.
b. Tokurom
c. Huhuuhu
d. Always Love U
e. Wabaso
f. Mesee Da
g. Nepa Hu Yehu
h. Sewea si
i. Awo ft. Sakodia
j. Holiday
k. Nana Wuo
l. Agenda
m. B. Power
n. Ogyeboso
o. P.O.P
p. Angel
q. Charleskale
r. Sika

Ateaa Tina

Just in case anyone is wondering, she is everywhere you won’t expect her to be and on every song, you wouldn’t even imagine. The sensational songstress was the soothing voice behind a lot of songs by the legendary Daddy Lumba. Legends have it that Daddy Lumba’s songs were never complete without a touch of Ateaa Tina on them.

Tina and Daddy Lumba together gave us one of the most memorable joint albums in the history of Ghana music. Their collaborative effort On The “Bubra” album will forever be unmatchable. Aside from that, Tina was the backing Vocalist behind almost all of Daddy Lumba’s songs as well as other prominent musicians.

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