Real story of the Wesley Girls’ student who cried to be saved from her abusive husband

The lady indicated that she has been married to her husband for two years, with whom she has two children.

Well, reports reaching us indicates that the alleged abusive husband is currently in the hospital after he was attacked by his wife with a knife.

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According to reports, the couple, Rachel and Steve started their relationship way back in basic school which was Rect Academy.

The couple got married with the help of Steve’s rich parents after they met years together and Rachel got pregnant.

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Rachel and her husband got into a misunderstanding after one partner decided to have access to the other’s phone.

This resulted in Rachel stabbing her husband with a knife where he had a lot of injuries and was rushed to the hospital.

In the video that went viral, Rachel claimed she is unemployed because her husband ordered her not to work.

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She explained that she is from a poor home and cannot afford her lawyer so she appealed to Ghanaians to help save her from her abusive husband

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