More Troubles For Akuapem Poloo As Her Best Friend-DKB Reports Her To Police

Ghanaian comedian, Derrick Kobina Bonny, well known as DKB, has taken an allegation made by Akuapem Poloo seriously.

Poloo in a recent video stated that she has not received any money from DKB despite reports from people that they have given him money on her behalf.

According to her, one Mama Alice claimed to have given GHS 4,000 to DKB, but he has not been answering her [Akuapem Poloo’s] phone calls.

DKB’s response to this issue appears to give more trouble to Akuapem Poloo.

[sc name=”ghbee”] has come across a report made by DKB to the police over the allegation levelled against him by Akuapem Poloo.

He indicated that he has really regretted helping Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo.

[sc name=”ghbee”]

[sc name=”ghbee”]

DKB captioned the police report: “Papa ny3 shwii, boni nso ny3 shwiii. You can either be ungrateful or a defamer but you decided to be the 2.

[sc name=”ghbee”]

“I swear on every sweat, blood and insults I’ve received, the extent to which I went to support is the same extent I’ll go to drag you over this. It go over you. Be careful when helping a Ghanaian. I’ll really regretted everything

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