Medikal, Juliet Ibrahim & Wendy Shay trends on Twitter – Here’s why

Songstress Wendy Shay, Rapper Medikal and Actress Medikal are trending this morning on the Ghana Twitter Trend Tab for not so serious yet funny reasons.

[sc name=”ghbee”]

Many may be wondering why these celebrities suddenly are trending. Well, we have the reason for their trend.

It all came about when American rapper and record producer T-Pain shared a post on Twitter and on his official Instagram page of several messages/tags from fans and some very popular celebs which he hasn’t responded to in a long time.

[sc name=”ghbee”]

[sc name=”ghbee”]

Shocked by the many messages in his dm, T-Pain real name Faheem Rasheed Najm, shared screenshots of it to apologize to them (the celebrities) for not replying to theirs DMS.

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