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Masicka – Fada Gad

Masicka – Fada Gad

Masicka – Fada Gad

Jamaican dancehall musician Masicka drops this new song for the listening pleasure of his fans. It is called ‘Fada Gad’. Listen and share your thoughts with us.

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Likkle yute you see how much tears you mother eye run
Look pan her ask her if life fun
Dawg you nah nutn inna life you cant help her you still a pree fi rise gun
You is a idiot you quite dum
Mi seh none a my friend mi nah buy gun
Look a work and elevate youself
Dawg come of a the corner when night come
Only 1 out a million make it
And thats the truth
Big up mi bredda pan the garbage truck
Misses Chin weh tun prostitute
Only 1 out a million make it make it make it
Only 1 out a million make it
Out of many 1 people just nuh mek sense
Anno nutn fi the MP buy a next benz
Mama cant afford the cement so wi tek fence
Police kill we off so we have less freinds
Ghetto road rougher inno
Yeah the rough
Ghetto road rougher inno rougher inno
Ghetto road rougher
What you see you doh utter
Money man guffer
Cah my mommy wont suffer
Another funeral another nine night
A nuff ghetto yute mi see rise and make it

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