JUST IN: Late Bishop Bernard Nyarko Final Funeral Rites To Take Place In June 2021

Bishop Bernard Nyarko died of an unknown disease which has been ahead to many friends and families as nobody knows the cause of death

Before his death, the actor restricted many people from visiting him on his sickbed even including some family members and colleagues actors.

However, information according to a close friend of him Pepe, has it that, his reason for the restriction was because his body was deteriorating and will be on social media after his death.

According to Pepe, the state of his health was devastating to the extent that he was not too cool to allow visitors.

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“Bishop during the period in which he was sick lost weight and was looking like a 100 years old man. Because of the social media era, he decided that he will not allow people to visit him because if people do, his image would have been splashed on social media.”

It was not just Kumawood actors who were not allowed to visit him, even Pastors he had worked with in the past were not allowed to visit him.

The family has finally set June 5-6th 2021 to perform the final funeral rites of late Bishop Bernard Nyarko in order for him to rest in peace.

Source: Enfransmedia

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