How To Migrate From UAE to Canada Application & Requirements

Are you thinking of moving to one of the most popular countries for immigrants in terms of jobs, a peaceful lifestyle, and so on? Moving to Canada from the United Arab Emirate is not always easy, just like for immigrants from other countries. 

But in this post, we have provided you with tips and guides that would help you make an easy transition to Canada. If you don’t already know that Canada is one of the few countries in the world that provides a lot of opportunities for skilled workers and businessmen. 

What is even more interesting is that you will be able to become a permanent resident in the country. So, if you are moving with your family to Canada for any reason at all you have come to just the right place. We have been talking about how you should move to Canada, but we haven’t told you much of why you should choose to move to Canada. Here is why!

Why Should You Migrate from UAE to Canada?

Better Jobs are Available in Canada

We talked that Canada offers some of the best opportunities when it comes to jobs. If you are a skilled worker with zero or years of experience in a particular field or specific trade job then you should be thinking about Canada. The opportunities are massive especially if you are skilled in the following fields engineering, medical, construction, and many more. And also in Trade jobs like Painting, Plumbing, Truck Driving, and so on. The Canadian government created special programs and pathways that would help easily bring these skilled workers to the Country. For example are the Federal Skilled Workers Program and Federal Skilled Trade program. read more about these below

Free HealthCare

Yes! you guessed right. You get to enjoy the free health care system in Canada. Although not everyone is eligible for the free health care provided in Canada for instance as a new immigrant with a temporary resident permit, you are to pay for your own health insurance. However, after you have secured a permanent resident status 2 – 3 years after you arrived, you’d be eligible for free healthcare.

Free Education for Your Kids

Whether you are a new immigrant on a temporary resident or a permanent resident, your kids will be eligible to benefit from the free education for minors provided by the Canadian government. If you have already been in Canada for at least a year, and you pay your taxes duly, then your kids will be able to study for free until they complete high school.

Good Quality of Life

Life in Dubai is good but life in Canada is better, but that is an argument for another. Living in Canada comes with good tidings, a great standard of living, a great work-life balance, relaxing working hours, a good number of public holidays to enable you to catch enough fun time with family and friends, plus so much more.

The Citizens are accommodating

This is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Because there are millions of immigrants just like you in the country, you will most likely find it comfortable in the country seen people who may be citizens of your home country or continents. 

The citizens are also very welcoming and the country records no racism cases, as a matter of fact, the Canadian government is more open to bringing more immigrants to the country to populate the country. The country is also currently the best country in the world tolerance level for immigrants, this is according to a survey by HSBC Expat explore Survey.

Canada needs you to create more Jobs

If you are a business owner looking to expand your business in Canada or own a business or create a new business, there isn’t a better country to do that than Canada. The country is most welcoming to investors and people who have what it takes to create jobs in the country, unlike many other countries.

Ways you can Migrate to Canada Includes

The Canadian Express Entry system

This is not an immigration program, but it has a pool of immigrants just like you, but it connects to so many immigration pathways and programs that allow provinces to nominate and pick immigrants that would become permanent residents in Canada. The Express Entry is a point-based system that awards immigrants scores based on certain qualifications, candidates with the most points would be nominated to immigrate to the country.

the points are awarded as follows:

Age Maximum 12 points
Education Maximum 25 points
Language Proficiency Maximum 24 points (English and/or French)
Work Experience Maximum 15 points
Adaptability Maximum of 10 points
Arranged employment Additional 10 points (not mandatory)

Provincial Economic Class

This can also be called the Provincial Nominee Program. They are different immigration programs or pathways that are provided by the provinces in Canada, they include:

  1.       Ontario Immigration
  2.       Quebec Immigration
  3.       Alberta Immigration
  4.       British Columbia Immigration
  5.       Manitoba Immigration
  6.       New Brunswick Immigration
  7.       Newfoundland Immigration
  8.       Nova Scotia Immigration
  9.       Saskatchewan Immigration
  10.   Prince Edward Island Immigration
  11.   Quebec Immigration Program (Has its own program that allows you to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence directly)

Federal Economic Class

These programs are specifically created for skilled workers through any of the following categories

  1.       Federal skilled workers
  2.       Federal skilled Trades
  3.       Canada Experience Class

Temporary Resident First Program

Through this program, you can work, live, study, visit, and tour Canada for a maximum of 3 years, after which you can either apply for an extension or you will be required to leave the country when your visa expires.

Business Immigration

The country is most welcoming to investors and people who have what it takes to create jobs in the country, unlike many other countries. Businessmen or women you wish to start or own a business in Canada would have to apply through this program.

Family Class Sponsorship

If you have a family member in Canada, then you could easily be sponsored by the person to come to Canada. Your family member in Canada must be a Permanent resident or a Canadian citizen to become a sponsor.