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Group of Girlfriends Flaunt Their Expensive Cars and Inspire Many With Their Friendship: “Girl Power”

A group of friends were jamming to Brenda Fassie in the parking lot. Image: @hlumik/TikTok

Source: UGC

A group of girlfriends pulled up in their mean machines and jammed to Brenda Fassie at the parking lot

Each friend was standing in front of their car as they recorded their happy moment to share on TikTok

Many people online were inspired by the successful women and their friendship which looked like a sisterhood

A group of ladies decided to sprinkle some joy onto TikTok with their inspiring sisterhood.
They captured a beautiful moment in the parking lot, dancing and having carefree fun outside.
The TikTok video, which was posted by @hlumik, panned to each lady getting down to Nomakanjani by Brenda Fassie in front of their cars

For viewers, it was refreshing to see successful black women letting loose and enjoying the fruits of their labour.

The bubbly ladies were in activewear like they were going to work out together, and their camaraderie inspired many.

Many women on TikTok were uplifted by the feel-good video, they asked where can they sign up to join this friendly group.

Watch the cool video below:


Read a few comments below cheering the ladies:
@emmymat91 said: “My friends must come here and see what other friends are celebrating. Not anniversaries with boyfriends.” @donna10055 wrote: “I am not successful yet, but women who are successful inspire me a lotI am a woman, and it makes me really happy.” @tumie21 stated: “The pressure is getting worse.”
@leekazizi mentioned: “I love this challenge. Where are my friends?” @sthandiwe1988 shared: “I wonder what I was doing at school while other kids were learning. Well done, girls, so proud of you.”

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@nthabisenglulugamede asked: “Can I join the club?”

@fanelesbonga2 wrote: “I love this for us women.”

@user5613994759115 commented: “I love this, girl power.”

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