Ghanaians have regretted voting for Akufo Addo – Prophet Badu Kobi

Prophet Badu Kobi has spoken in the wake of the #FixTheCountry campaign that has met the support of some Ghanaians.

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Badu Kobi in an interview has said that Ghanaians are unhappy with Akufo Addo’s administration. He continues that they had regretted voting him in power.

According to him, Ghanaians due to the current hardship would change Akufo-Addo should they be given the chance to boot him out.

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Remember on December 28, 2020, The leader and head pastor of Glorious Waves International Ministry predicted what lies ahead of Ghanaians in the year 2021.

Speaking with Captain Smart on Angel FM and TV, Prophet Badu Kobi revealed that Ghanaians are going to undergo a serious hardship in 2021.

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In the present day, his statements go to confirm what he said months back after the General elections which saw Akufo-Addo winning.

I prophesied after the elections that I give this government only six months, after six months, Ghanaians will start complaining. If I am lying, look for yourself. I don’t hate him but I speak the truth.”

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He further went ahead to declare that God has unveiled to him in the spiritual spheres that Ghana’s hardship is about to worsen.

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Nana Akufo-Addo. I see spiritually that his coming to Ghana to rule doesn’t go well for Ghana. And I can say so boldly anywhere and explain.

His coming is never good for Ghana as Ghanaians will be complaining a lot in his administration.,” he noted.

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