Former pastor of Lighthouse Chapel drops secret about Dag Heward-Mills

In a report by the Fourth Estate republished by, Bishop Emmanuel Oko Mensah speaks about how his life as a pastor was quite hard and unbearable under the leadership of the Bishop.

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On January 3, 2017, Bishop Emmanuel Oko Mensah went home from work bearing a gift—a dress, jewellery and cash of $100. It was the birthday of his wife with whom he had spent the past 12 years of his life as a pastor of the Lighthouse Chapel International.

Their wedding was officiated by Bishop E.A.T Sackey on December 3, 2005, four years after he completed the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) with a degree in Civil Engineering.

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Like many young and bright professionals such as medical doctors, lawyers, accountants and scientists, Oko Mensah decided to go into full-time ministry with the church. It was at the Lighthouse Chapel that he met his wife, Emmanuella, in 2003 and they got married two years later.

Her birthday in 2017 came a month after their 12th wedding anniversary, but their marriage was not what the two of them wanted it to be. Nevertheless, birthdays are special, and he wanted to express his love in the form of a gift.

But Mrs Emmanuella Mensah rejected the gift. The rejection had nothing to do with the inadequacy or quality of the gift. The circumstances surrounding the marriage needed more than a gift. Mrs Mensah said she could not accept a birthday gift from a husband who had been treating her badly.

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Looking back at that night, Bishop Oko Mensah agrees with the wife. He admits he had not been a good husband and much of it had to do with years of pressure and comments from his spiritual fathers which made him see the woman as the devil.

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