Date Rush: I Promise To Marry Candybel And I’m Not A Womanizer – Philip Of Date Rush”

“I promise to marry Candybel and I’m not a womanizer like people perceive me to be. I’m a faithful guy, I don’t cheat and I will never cheat on Candybel” – Philip of Date Rush. He made this statement during a live video section with his followers in one of the most trending groups on Facebook “Friends of Date Rush #Meet_your_love”.

Philip in the live video continuously retreat the point that he is not a womanizer or a playboy. He also clearly stated that, the negative perception of him out there is false and it’s not a reflection of him in anyway.

With reference to the video, he said, “Womanizing is not my thing. I’m always faithful to my partner. Disregard anyone who says I’m a womanizer”.

He also gave an honest advice to his fellow brothers to desist from misusing women just to satisfy their libido.

Now we say, “A word to a wise is enough”.

Watch the full video by clicking on the link below.

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