Date Rush: Don’t Reject Me On Stage And Propose Backdoor – Ruby of Date Rush protests

Ruby exposed proposals in her DM from guys who had rejected her on the Date Rush stage.

Speaking on Date Rush Hangout, Ruby bemoaned the attitude of some men on the show with her. Although they choose other girls over her, they later appear in her inbox to profess love.

The voluptuous 24-year-old said, “ Some of them would come into my DM. Ruby baby, sexy girl, I’m sorry for not choosing you. Can we go on a date? I like you so much.” She insisted that she doesn’t give such messages attention. She just ignored them.

She added that she does not care about the opinions of others because it does not affect her life in any way. According to her, she is who she is. And she makes decisions by herself.

Ruby said she hasn’t regret coming on the Date Rush Show. Conferring to her, Date Rush is not only an avenue for finding love interests. She added that it opens an opportunity to build social connections and network.




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