Cyprus Visa Application 2022 & Requirement

The application visa process for Cyprus like all others is quite easy if you adhere to instructions. A visa grants you permission into any country legally. That said, you will not be granted access to any other country if you do not have your visa with you. To get a Cyprus visa, you must submit all other supporting documents you have. In addition, you must note that the documents may vary based on the purpose of your travel, hence,  you are expected to do detailed research on the documents you should have to apply for the visa.

Types Of Application

The duration it takes to process the visa application depends on the type of visa you are applying for. There are different types of visas that can grant you entry into Cyprus.

  • Long-term visa: As the title suggests, this type of visa is issued to applicants who intend to stay in Cyprus for a long period of time.
  • Group visa: This is a visa acquired by a group of foreigners traveling to Cyprus for a particular purpose.
  • Student visa: This visa is issued to applicants who intend to further their education in any educational institution in Cyprus
  • Multiple entry visa: This visa is given to foreigners who know that they regularly visit Cyprus either on business or vacation.
  • Travel visa: This visa is only for foreigners who travel to Cyprus for a short period for visiting, vacation and tourism.
  • Airport transit visa: A traveler applies for an airport transit visa if he/she has to stop at Cyprus airport during the course of traveling from one country to another.
  • Work visa: This visa is given to foreigners who have successfully landed a job in Cyprus and are willing to go there and work.

Eligibility Requirements

In as much as the visa application is free, the embassy expects that you have enough funds to take care of yourself during your stay in Cyprus. In addition to having financial backing, you must not be a convicted felon in your home country. This may disqualify you from getting the visa because the Cyprus government needs to be rest assured that you are not coming to the country to cause a nuisance or be of harm to any of her citizens.

Most importantly, the required documents are to be submitted and up to date before getting the visa. Also, the documents must be legit and not forged.

Documents Required For Visa Application

  • A valid international passport.
  • Cyprus Visa Application Form.
  • Visa photos.
  • Proof of legal residence.
  • Flight tickets/itinerary.
  • Proof of sufficient funds.
  • Medical fitness certificate and health insurance
  • Employment status documents.
  • Travel health insurance.

A Valid International Passport

A passport is a document showing information about yourself. This document is really important to have with you because without it you can not travel to Cyprus. The passport should have a minimum of two blank pages, the visa is then fixed on there.

Other documents that are needed may include; the original passport, photocopies of all the used pages on your passport, including all previous visas, personal information, and issuance/expiry date.

Application Form

The application form has to be signed before submission to any embassy, if you are applying by mail, then a Notary Public must certify your signature. The application form can be gotten online, the form must be filled correctly and submitted in person. You should note that the application form is free.

Visa Photo Requirements

The photo has to be very clear and the dimension should be 40mm x 50mm. In addition to that, the photo must have at least 70% of your face shown in it. The photo must have good lighting and be in a white background and glasses are not required in the photo. The picture has to be very recent and no headgear should be worn in the photo.

Proof of legal residence

If you are not a citizen of the country where you are applying, then you must attach your legal residence proof like your residential permit/visa.

Flight tickets/itinerary

Your flight itinerary shows your ticket number, the entry, and exit to/from Cyprus. It is not advisable to pay for your flight ticket when the visa has not been approved.

Proof of sufficient funds

Your bank statements for at least 6 months will be your proof of funds, this just states that you are more than capable to handle yourself and financial constraints all on your own without help. You are to provide;

  • Bank statements from the past three months are stamped by the bank.
  • Traveler’s cheques
  • Saving books

Presentation of cash is not involved, you are not to present cash instead of your bank statements.

Medical fitness certificate and health insurance

A medical fitness certificate from an accredited hospital is needed. This is a prove that you are medically okay for the journey. Also, a medical fitness certificate makes sure that you are deemed healthy and fit to enter Cyprus and that your presence will not be of danger to their citizens. Hence, you need a health insurance certificate. This is proof that you do not have an infection that the Cyprus officials should be worried about and that you have an insurance policy that will cover any health issues in the future.

Employment status documents

As the header goes, there are documents that are tailored to individuals from all walks of life;

  • For the employed; A letter addressed to the embassy and/or consulate from your company stating your position in the company, your salary rate, and the dates you are to be in the country. However, this letter has to be addressed to the embassy and must carry a recent date.
  • For the self-employed; A letter from your accountant, solicitor, or bank manager or a letter from the company and a copy of the trade license.
  • For students; A letter from your school/university, confirming your enrollment and the duration of your course/s.

Travel health insurance

You must purchase travel health insurance before traveling to Cyprus, which covers at least €30,000 for medical emergencies and repatriation for the entire duration of your stay.

If you have a current health insurance plan in your country which covers medical emergencies abroad, then you must submit proof of that.

Other documents include;

  • Proof of accommodation in Cyprus.
  • Cover letter (if required).
  • Proof of paid Cyprus visa fee.
  • Self-addressed, pre-paid envelope (if applying by post).