Big Akwes finally reacts after Nana Agradaa repentance

Big Akwes is a popular Kumawood comic actor. He is one of the few persons who have been with Nana Agradaa since she started her defrauding business on TV.

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The comic actor has been a loud and constant publicist of Nana Agradaa on her TV stations where he speaks about the spiritual skills of Agradaa and why people need to bring in their money for it to be doubled.

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Big Akwes on several occasions during his times with the converted fetish priestess reveals since he started working with her for the last three years, she has gifted him cars each year.

An act of kindness he doesn’t want to see an end to anytime soon. The loud Kumawood actor has finally broken silence after his ‘boss’ decided to follow Christ.

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According to the ‘rich’ Big Akwes, he has not repented. He added that though he will, the time is not yet due for him to relinquish all the good things he’s enjoying

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