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Asantewaa’s Claims Of Making Songs Become Hits Via TikTok Is Dumb And Stup!d – DJ Nii Ayi Tagoe F!res

Veteran Ghanaian DJ who is also a professional banker, Nii Ayi Tagoe has also reacted to the recent claim of TikToker, Asantewaa that musicians who fail to bring their songs to tikTokers like herself for promotion might have to listen to the songs themselves because it won’t get the attention of music lovers.

Asantewaa made the remark on UTV’s ‘United Showbiz’ show when they were hosted recently.

She has however come out to offer a public apology and explained that the things she said which have gone viral were just said for fun and not meant to disrespect these musicians or downplay their hard work.

Despite this apology, DJ Nii Ayi Tagoe in his reaction said that the remark was very dumb and stupid when he was speaking on 3FM’s ‘Showbiz 927’ which is hosted by Caleb Nii Boye on Saturdays.

He questioned what they as TikTokers add to songs when they promote them aside from the fact that it makes them popular.

DJ Nii Ayi Tagoe further questioned how the likes of Michael Jackson became world stars through music when there was no TikTok and all these current TikTok influencers.

Watch the video of DJ Nii Ayi Tagoe below for more

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